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Our History


Founded: December, 2007
Incorporated: March, 2008
501c3 Status Granted: August, 2009 501c3_Letter

Y.E.M.B.A. was envisioned out of the dreams, hopes, efforts and investments instilled in Edward Redd who was born in Chicago, IL. in 1982, to a single mother with little formal education with limited access to resources. He grew in a neighborhood offering numerous opportunities for criminal activity. In the composite, this comprised the formula for hate, hopelessness, failure and self-destruction. Fortunately, there was a not-for-profit youth center that provided youth a vehicle to identify their goals, realize self-worth, and to benefit their communities and society. That youth center was the start of someone believing and investing in him.

Edward, grew into manhood, earned a double engineering degree and is currently employed as an engineer. He insured that all of his younger brothers and sister graduated from high school and attended college.

He was determined to provide youth with valuable experiences about life, and to make available programs to offset the negative influences of society.  The formation of Y.E.M.B.A. Inc. in Dec. 2007 was realization of his dream.

Y.E.M.B.A. Fosters positive relationships with successful role models by providing supportive programs impacting youth, families and communities. This empowers improved development, performance and achievement with measurable results.