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Our Vision


Phase 1: Middle School Level

This is where the first opportunity for mentorship begin, we believe that this is a critical point in our youth lives where they are the most impressionable and open to understanding self-worth and instilling values as they as they are going through their first major transition (i.e. elementary to middle school). This phase is key to grooming the youth on the path to success. The further the youth becomes out of this phase the harder it becomes to mentor/guide youth. This is the phase where we strive to reach our youth to become mentees and provide them with lifelong tools and mentoring relationships to help navigate through life successfully.

Phase 2: High School Level

In this phase, there are two scenarios that we expect to happen. Upon successful completion of Phase 1, entering the High School level. The mentee in phase 1, now become a Jr. mentor. As a Jr. mentor, the youth now is mentored by a college/profession mentor and will be trained how to mentor the middle school mentee in phase 1. During this time frame, the mentee learn the importance of not only acquiring knowledge but support and helping to make a difference in someone else life. This helps the youth to become more responsible and accountable.

Phase 3: College Level

Upon Jr. mentor successful completing High School and Jr. mentor training program, entering into the college level. The Jr. mentor now is now eligible to become a mentor. A mentor will be mentored by a Sr. Mentor at the Professional Level and is responsible for mentoring a Jr. mentor who is now transitioning to the High School Level.

Phase 4: Professional Level

The final phase is an external phase. The spirit of seeking knowledge and helping to make a difference in someone else life is now part of the mentor DNA. At this level, Mentor is now able to mentor a college level mentor and continued to be mentored by a Senior mentor.


We believe that regardless, of where our youth mentee and mentor transition in life, that the leadership values and tools our organization and program services have provide has helped them to realize the importance of investing in self and sharing the tools they have acquired and used to navigate throughout live to ultimately help to make a difference in the lives of others and the communities in which they live and serve.

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