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Thank you for considering to do this and then follow thru and being very professional. My child is always excited to talk with me about today’s topic and basketball techniques. I have already recommended this program to others and will continue to.

Jerri H. , Parent

My child is excited about the program and looks forward to it. He realizes that the topics were interesting. He is able to here other boys opinions and think about outcomes. He discuss with me about the topics he learned about, he is listening. The staff is very involved.

Nicholas C., Parent

The topics covered were directly related to my child. I seen an improvement in his decision making and behavior as a result of being apart of the program. I was very impressed with the mentoring workshop during my attendance.

Yvonne M., Parent

Yes, my child was excited about being apart of the program. It gave him a safe place to hang with friends and develop social skills. I think he’s more aware of the dangerous effects of drugs, smoking and alcohol has.

Jamiece J., Parent